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Am./Can. Ch. Orion’s Jaeger V Reiteralm, CD, TD, MH, SD, RDX, VX, CGC, BROM


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  • 9/11/94 - 3/5/07
  • Sire - Ch. Nani’s Rudy Valley v Reiteralm, BROM
  • Dam - Ch. Orion’s Vixen Von Reiteralm, BROM
  • Breeder - William & Alice Smithers, Orion Weimaraners
  • Owner - Stephanie Horner
  • OFA - Good

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Jaeger's Progeny



About Jaeger

Jaeger is truly a dream dog. For me he is the epitome of the breed. I could not have asked for a better companion. I love my girls dearly, but there is a special place in my heart, just for “my boy”.

Born in September of 1994, I got Jaeger from William and Alice Smithers of Orion Weimaraners. I wanted a show dog and at the time was not aware how he would change my life. Even as a small puppy, Jaeger was always well behaved and incredibly easy to train. Although I had grown up with numerous dogs, I had not competed with them. He introduced me to many new dog activities, such as showing, tracking, obedience, and hunting. I have met many wonderful friends that I would not have met if it were not for Jaeger.


In the Show Ring & in the Field

  • Champion, owner handled at 10 months, 4 days old
  • Jaeger is a Multiple Specialty and Group winning dog

Jaeger was campaigned in 1997 and finished the year as the #4 Weimaraner for breed points and the #5 Weimaraner for group wins. This is very special to me, as he was never advertised, never sent on the road with a handler, nor did he have a “big” name handler. I like to say that Jaeger earned his spot on the top ten honestly.

Jaeger is one of the few Weimaraners to hold a Master Hunter title. I believe he the only dog to hold this title that is also a top five-show dog with multiple group wins and placements. All his hunting training was done by myself.





As a Sire

  • With limited breeding, Jaeger holds the BROM title (Bench Register of Merit). This title is given to dogs that produce a certain number of Champions.

Jaeger is a medium size male with outstanding shoulders, a beautiful front, gorgeous head and very true and correct movement.

Jaeger is very easy to train and a ‘wanting to please boy”. He is extremely bonded with me and as my girls would most likely leave me for someone with a cookie, Jaeger wouldn’t even think of it. He has an outstanding temperament and constantly puts up with puppies jumping and biting at him.

I have been very pleased with what Jaeger has produced as a stud dog. He has many wonderful puppies that inherited his versatile abilities and include champions, futurity placements, BOB’s and all around nice temperaments.

At 10 years old, Jaeger is slowing down a bit, but still looks great! At a recent vet appointment his vet was amazed at his muscle tone and said his heart sounds like a four year old Greyhound. This made me very happy to hear. Jaeger recently sired a litter of 9 puppies that will be hitting the show ring in 2005. We have also recently exported semen to The Netherlands and Australia. We thank the breeders that have recognized Jaeger qualities and are very excited about new puppies.



· Am./Can. Ch. Orion’s Jaeger V Reiteralm, CD, TD, MH, SD, RDX, VX, CGC, BROM ·

Ch. Nani's Rudy Valley V Reiteralm, BROM Ch. Nani's Southern Cross, BROM, HOF Am./Can. Ch. Arokat's Legionaire, BROM BIS Am./Can. Ch. Colsidex Standing Ovation, BROM, HOF
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Ch. Forshado Nani's Crystal Vision, BROM Ch. Nani's Kona Gust, CD, TD, V, BROM
Ch. Nani's Crystal Key, NSD, BROM
Ch. Nani's Valley Girl BIS Am./Can. Ch. Colsidex Standing Ovation, BROM, HOF Am./Bda. Ch. Seneca's Medicine Man, BROM, HOF
Am./Can. Ch. Colsidex Dauntless Applause, NSD, HOF
Ch. Nani's Cobbie Cuddler, BROM, HOF BIS Ch. Nani's Master Charge, NSD, NRD, V, BROM
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Ch. Ladenburg's Bryna V Reiteralm, NRD, BROM Furst Vom Stlztal (Germany) Mark V. Einkorn (Germany)

Anka V. Selztal (Germany)

Fanni Von Der Lusshardt (Germany)

Nobel V. Wasserschloss (Germany)

Anka VD Lusshardt (Germany)

Jaeger ·~

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